Proud to think differently

Everstärke are a small family business founded in 2017 with a firm commitment to produce intelligently conceived solutions of outstanding quality for hardworking people.

We know what it’s like for those who get up early every day and put their back into their work.

We’ve gained years of hands-on experience, cuts and bruises, learning what equipment works and what doesn’t and we’re using that experience to make a difference.


Everstärke are doing things BETTER.


Everstärke appreciate that the best inventions are a direct result of solving problems alongside those individuals who encounter them every day. Our guiding principle is constant product improvement and we recognise that there’s still plenty we don’t know, so, we are listening.

We believe that with the authentic feedback of hardworking people everywhere, together we can use our cumulative knowledge to innovate and design the most creative, robust and intelligent solutions to help everyone work smart and stay safe.


If you own an Everstärke product, you deserve to own the very best product in its class. We recognise that our customers are our most valuable asset and we commit to treat you as such.